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About Prime Plus Training and Certification

Prime Plus Training and Certification is a British Oxford based training institute that focuses on creating rewarding and educational professional development courses that are conducted online. Most of our programs target working professionals who are seeking to gain training in a particular area for the purpose of professional development and to make advances in their career. Our graduates have successfully transitioned to alternative career paths or have often obtained career advancements as a result of our trainings.

Prime Plus Training and Certification also designs customized professional development courses and certificate programs to fit the needs of a specific industry, company or purpose. Prime Plus Training and Certification is also involved in educational consulting both locally and internationally.

Prime Plus Training and Certification continues to expand its offering to clients and students as the needs of the education industry changes. We invite you to explore our website further and contact us to discuss program development or to enroll in one of our programs.

Prime Plus Training and Certification executive team is composed of members from a variety of industries including education, consulting, business and finance. They bring a combined of more than 40 years professional experience in senior decision making roles. All courses are created by Instructors that are experts in their field, with both education and experience in the relevant industry.


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